Omaha SSP Program

Omaha, Nebraska Support Service Provider (SSP) Program

with Vancro Integrated Interpreting Services


About SSPs:

As trained professionals, SSPs connect DeafBlind individuals with their physical and social environment, empowering them to live more independently.


SSPs can:

  • Assist with guidance and safety;  
  • Relay visual and environmental information;
  • Facilitate communication;  
  • Provide transportation assistance; and  
  • Provide access to information to empower the DeafBlind person to make independent decisions.


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Vancro Integrated Interpreting Services is Now Hiring

Support Service Providers (SSPs) in Omaha, Nebraska


Experienced and aspiring support service providers are welcome to apply! Training will be provided. SSPs are paid $20 per hour. Hours are flexible.


SSP Responsibilities:

  • Assist with guidance and safety; 
  • Relay visual, social, and environmental information;
  • Facilitate communication;
  • Provide transportation assistance;
  • Provide access to information so that the DeafBlind person is empowered to make independent decisions;
  • Attend and satisfactorily complete required SSP training;
  • Participate in program evaluations; 
  • Attend appointment or event with DeafBlind individual. 


SSP Qualifications:

  • Over 18 years of age;
  • Have basic knowledge of DeafBlind culture (training will be provided);
  • Demonstrate the skills necessary to communicate comfortably and effectively with DeafBlind individuals;
  • Have access to the Internet, use of a personal email address, and a working knowledge of Microsoft Word;
  • Possess a valid driver’s license and proof of auto insurance or state-issued identification;
  • Pass a background check; and
  • Sign language skill a plus, but not required.


What are SSPs?

Support Service Providers, otherwise known as SSPs, are specially trained guides who help ensure that DeafBlind individuals have all the facts they need to make informed decisions, relaying environmental information to DeafBlind individuals in their preferred language and their own communication mode. SSPs simply give access to all the visual and aural details available, the choice is always that of the DeafBlind individual.

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