Older Adults with Vision Loss


Independent Living (IL) Services to Individuals age 55 and older:

This program provides training to blind and visually impaired individuals who would like services to maintain their independence. 


Examples of IL Services:

  • Low vision evaluation, such as a counselor assisting with determining the optimal level of magnification.
  • Learning about and obtaining independent living aids, such as magnifiers, talking clocks/watches, cooking devices, etc.
  • Training in using independent living aids or technology devices.
  • Information and referral to other programs, such as audiobooks.
  • Social and peer support.
  • Presentations to groups of individuals regarding vision loss.

NCBVI Programs for Older Individuals who are Blind:

Group Home Teachings are coordinated across the state to bring together small groups of individuals who share similar experiences and can benefit from a group training session.  Participants may do group cooking activities, share and learn about new alternative strategies, learn technology skills, learn about new technology that may benefit them, and most importantly, receive social and peer support from one another. 

Statewide OIB Conference brings individuals together from across the state to learn from a variety of mini-sessions conducted by NCBVI staff or guest instructors.  The conference brings in a variety of keynote speakers and vendors to showcase independent living aids.  Participants are able to connect with new social supports that often turn into life-long connections.  NCBVI hosts this conference every few years as the budget allows.


There is no charge for services.  NCBVI is state and federally funded.