NCBVI Brochure

NCBVI Logo, Picture description: Green outline of Nebraska, Black person figure walking across a green outline of Nebraska with a cane.  Nebraska Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired.  Front picture description: 3 people holding signs in front of a lake under a blue sky.  Person on the left is an older woman with a walker, holding a sign that says independence.  Person in the middle is an elementary aged boy holding a sign proudly above his head that says education.  Person on the right is a middle-aged woman holding a cane, with a sign that says employment.  Philosophy: Blindness does not need to stand in the way of living a full and active life.  Blind and visually impaired people are gaining advanced degrees in diverse fields, working in almost all sectors of the workforce, and raising families. Older adults with vision loss are living independently in their homes and communities.  With the proper skills training, tools, mentorship, and opportunity, blind and low vision Nebraskans are living The Good Life!  Picture Description: Young man with down syndrome is cleaning exercise equipment.  Vocational Rehabilitation (VR): Age requirement: 14 & older.  Services: Preparing for, securing, and retaining work.  Training in adjustment to vision loss.  Worksite evaluations and recommendations.  Assistive technology training and devices.  Tuition Assistance.  Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) & IEP advocate.  Nebraska Business Enterprises (NBE).  Nebraska Center for the Blind.  Picture Descriptions: Two photos side by side.  Photo on the left is a picture of a nurse providing a shot in the arm of a patient.  Photo on the right is of a woman working at a laptop in an office.  Independent Living (IL): IL for children.  Services: Advocating for children with IEP development and school activities.  Early training on independent living skills.  Preparing children for transition to adulthood activities.  Supplementing the Expanded Core Curriculum at school. Independent Living (IL): IL for adults through age 54.  Services: Low vision assessments and independent living aids.  Independent living training.  Peer support and counseling.  Older Individuals who are Blind (OIB): Age requirement: 55 & older.  Services: Low vision evaluation, independent living aids, and training.  Training in adjustment to vision loss.  Information and referral to other programs, such as audiobooks.  Social and peer support.  Presentations to groups of individuals regarding vision loss.  Picture Description: An older gentleman wearing sleep shades, pouring a glass of water using his finger as an alternative to know when his cup is full.  Back panel of brochure: There is no financial cost for NCBVI services. NCBVI is state and federally funded.  To connect with NCBVI: Phone: 402-471-2891 Email: NCBVI.autho at Website: NCBVI Main Office: 4600 Valley Road Suite 100 Lincoln, NE 68510.  NCBVI staff are located throughout Nebraska and will come to you for appointments.  NCBVI logo, and logo of Facebook and twitter.  NCBVI mission statement: Empowering blind individuals, promoting opportunities, and building belief in the blind.  NCBVI is 62% federally funded.  Any text following this statement is system generated and is duplicate of the above description.