Job Description

Mission Statement of the NCBVI Board of Commissioners:

Empowering blind individuals, promoting opportunities, and building belief in the blind.


Commissioners shall:


  1. Employ an Executive Director who is the administrative officer of NCBVI and who shall serve at the pleasure of the Board.
  2. Annually evaluate the Executive Director using a specified performance tool created by the Board and approved by State Personnel under the Department of Administrative Services.
  3. Provide guidance to the Executive Director in carrying out the mission of NCBVI.
  4. Seek input from both consumers and staff through public meetings, correspondence, surveys, etc.
  5. Approve rules, regulations and policies adopted and promulgated by NCBVI.
  6. Have a working knowledge of the Rehabilitation Act (WIOA), rules and regulations, and other materials necessary for the operation of NCBVI.
  7. Serve as a liaison between the public and NCBVI.
  8. Annually elect a Chairperson, a Vice-Chairperson and an Executive Secretary.
  9. Attend and participate in NCBVI functions whenever possible, meeting with the entire staff as often as feasible.
  10. Receive, read and respond in a timely manner to materials from the Executive Director, NCBVI staff, consumers and fellow Commissioners, asking for follow-up materials and/or clarification as needed.
  11. Receive both written and in-person agency reports from NCBVI staff, asking for follow-up materials and/or clarification as needed.
  12. Receive and read NCBVI budgetary information and monitor that process, asking for follow-up materials and/or clarification as needed.
  13. Answer questions from consumers, NCBVI employees and the general public about NCBVI programs, processes, policies and procedures, seeking input from appropriate staff in order to provide accurate and up-to-date information.
  14. Receive, only for purposes of her/his evaluation and guidance, reports from the Executive Director on unresolved personnel matters, including a description of the situation, a synopsis of progress toward resolution, and a summary of any policy changes implemented to address the problem, only when such matters reach a level requiring her/his intervention. The Board will not intervene in personnel issues, recognizing that there is a labor dispute process for State employees in place in the State of Nebraska.
  15. Make suggestions and recommendations to NCBVI that will improve its operation and that will lead to better services to its consumers.
  16. Communicate as a body only after reaching a consensus and only over the signature of the Chairperson.
  17. When Communicating as an individual Board Member, a Board Member should use good judgment and discretion, and with a clear indication that they are speaking for himself/herself rather than as a spokesperson for the Board.
  18. Develop and maintain a Commissioner Information Packet that will facilitate training of new Board Members.
  19. See that new Commissioners become familiar with the materials in the Commissioner Information Packet, that they become familiar with the programs and office locations of the Commission, and review Commission Reports and Board motions involving NCBVI operations.