Dorothy Westin-Yockey


Senator Jim Jensen
Chair, Health and Human Services Committee
Room 1402
State Capitol
Lincoln, NE 68509


Dear Senator Jensen:

I submit this letter to you and the Health and Human Services Committee on behalf of Dorothy Westin-Yockey. Governor Mike Johanns has appointed Mrs. Westin-Yockey as Commissioner for the Commission on the Blind. I have met Mrs. Westin-Yockey on several occasions, and it is with great pleasure that I submit this letter in support of her confirmation.

Mrs. Westin-Yockey is more than qualified to serve on the Commission on the Blind. She was appointed to the Commission for Handicapped Accessibility by Governor Nelson in 1992 and 1996 and by Governor Johanns in 2000. She has previously been a client of the Commission on the Blind. She earned her Master's degree in Social Work from the University of Nebraska-Omaha in 1984. She has served on numerous boards in the South Sioux City area, including the Board of Directors for South Sioux Community Center and the Counsel on Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence. She has made quite a career for herself, and her employment history includes working at the First Norfolk Regional Center and Marian Health Center. Currently she is employed by Siouxland Mental Health as a clinical social worker.

Mrs. Westin-Yockey firmly believes that her role as a Commissioner is to ensure that blind Nebraskans have access to the best services available. She views her role as that of a policy-maker and a watchdog. She is very proud of the work of the Commission, and she feels that the Commission is in the best position to provide quality services to the blind. Blind people make up a very small group in Nebraska, and she feels that they would be easily overlooked if they did not have the Commission protecting their interests.

Mrs. Westin-Yockey does not believe that she would face a conflict of interest by serving on the Commission. She does not have any family members working for the Commission.

In conclusion, I believe Mrs. Westin-Yockey is highly qualified and would serve as an excellent asset to the Commission and to the State of Nebraska. I ask the Committee to confirm the appointment of Dorothy Westin-Yockey as Commissioner for the Commission on the Blind. Thank you.


Senator Pat Engel
District #17