Commission Meeting Public Comment Period

  1. There will be no public comments outside of public comment time. If a Commissioner or the Executive Director has a question about the current topic and someone in attendance can answer it, that person may be called on for information. However the person may only speak to the question at hand and must be called on to speak.
  2. Names will be taken at the beginning of the public comment time.  Those individuals will get a turn to speak in the order the names were received. At the end of that series of speakers, names will again be asked of those wishing to speak. This process will continue until the public comment time has elapsed.
  3. Persons who raise their hand to speak will not be recognized.  Names should be given verbally. 
  4. Only the recognized person may speak. The speaker will address the commissioners from the podium or table designated for this purpose.
  5. If the Executive Director or Commissioners have questions for the recognized speaker, discussion may proceed with only that speaker.  No one else from the public may make comments at this time.
  6. If individuals from the public attending the meeting insist on speaking during a time when they are not recognized after being warned, they will be asked to leave.   Likewise if there is any other behavior the Chairperson deems inappropriate, i.e. excessive shouting, threats, obscenities etc. that person will be asked to leave.