State Budget


The NCBVI Budget is comprised of about 80% federal funds and about 20% state general funds. Every two years, all state agencies must submit a proposal for the next two years. Our proposal for State Fiscal Years July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2019 has been submitted. It will be considered by the Nebraska Unicameral and the Governor during the legislative session, 2017.

Posted here is the proposal in PDF format. The PDF is readable with JAWS. Here are a few helpful hints that will make working with this file easier.

A Table of contents exists on the second page. Use CTRL+Shift+N to open the Go To Page dialog box and type in the page number of a section in which you are interested. The PDF is split into 142 pages. Use CTRL+PageUp and CTRL+PageDown to move to the previous and next page, respectively. Pressing CTRL+Shift+N will show what the current page is. You can type a new number into this box to be taken to that page. Normal JAWS reading commands can be used. The budget has portions of text narrative along with data that is laid out in tables. It will be helpful to read

by words and characters if you want to work with the numerical data. This PDF file does not contain table markup so table reading commands cannot be used.

This also means that the table headers are not associated with the table columns. You can skip past the tables either by moving through the document by

line, or by moving by pages as discussed above.

If there are data tables that you do want to access in the table format, contact us at

We will download the specific tables upon request.

Thank you!


View 2017 Biennial Budget Request