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STATE OF NEBRASKA CLASS SPECIFICATION                                         EST:  04/02 – REV:  02/11

VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION SUPERVISOR                                    CLASS CODE:    V72540


DESCRIPTION:  Under limited supervision, plans, organizes, coordinates, and directs a vocational and independent living  program for a geographic state area, Orientation Center or a large state institution. Responsible for the supervision and  direction of counseling staff in the delivery of client services and achievement of agency objectives and standards; performs related work as assigned.

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS:  (A position is assigned to this class based on the scope and level of work performed as outlined below.)

Positions allocated  to  this  class,  on  a  regular  and  recurring  basis,  supervise  a  minimum  of  three rehabilitation and/or counseling staff which is distinguished from the Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor I and II classes which perform vocational counseling to develop and monitor clients’ rehabilitation plans but  do  not  have  supervisory  responsibilities.                  Positions  allocated  to  the  Vocational  Rehabilitation Technician class perform a variety of supportive functions in the  rehabilitation of persons with visual impairment and/or other disability.

Positions allocated to the Visually Impaired Orientation Counselor series perform counseling and provide teaching to assist clients in adjusting to blindness.

EXAMPLES OF WORK:  (A position may not be assigned all the duties listed, nor do these examples include all the duties that may be assigned.)

Plans, assigns,  directs  and  evaluates  the  work  of  assigned  vocational/counseling  staff  and  provides recommendations on personnel actions related to selection, disciplinary procedures, performance, leaves of  absence,  grievances  and  work   schedules  and  assignments  to  ensure  efficient  and  effective accomplishment of the work.

Trains staff in the policies and procedures of counseling and rehabilitation to improve and maintain job performance levels of employees.

Determines and develops program structure, policies, procedures, priorities, and goals and objectives for the delivery of client vocational rehabilitation and independent living skill services.

Determines and requests staff, material, and equipment needs for the program operations.

Evaluates new  or  revised  federal/state/agency  rules  and  procedures  and/or  changes  in  the  Federal Rehabilitation  Act  to  determine  impact  on  delivery  of  vocational/independent  living  skill  services, recommends and implements required  program modifications, and trains staff in new regulations and operating procedures.

Confers with advisory boards, representatives from other state agencies and service providers, employers, and community resources to plan and coordinate delivery of services.

Monitors  caseload  statistics,  initial  contacts  and  eligibility  determinations;  reviews  successful  and unsuccessful  client  outcomes with staff to ensure services provided are inconformity with applicable federal and state laws and regulations.

Develops a recommended program budget; reviews and authorizes payments for client services and equipment, staff  training, office supplies and equipment, and various service contracts; monitors the budget for adjustments.

Attends meetings to collaborate and work closely with Vocational Rehabilitation Technicians, Vocational       Rehabilitation Counselors, District Supervisors, Technology Manager, Transition Coordinator, Business  Manager, Deputy Director, Executive Director, and other staff as necessary.

Conducts public and internal tours and presentations for outreach, recruitment, networking, and the education of the public.

Supervises and oversees the Nebraska Center for the Blind and the residential apartments in downtown Lincoln on an on-call basis for evenings, weekends, holidays, and such

Compiles documentation and survey results to write reports on a local, state, and national level.

Completes the structured discovery recertification process through the NBPCB for the Nebraska Center for the Blind

Performs case work and/or independent living skills training along with overseeing enrichment activities in the community.

KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES REQUIRED:   (These are needed to perform the work assigned.)

Knowledge  of:     the  principles  and  techniques  of  supervision;  the  Rehabilitation  Act  and  state rehabilitation legislation; vocational rehabilitation counseling methods and techniques; the complex array of problems caused by blindness and/or visual impairments; medical and mental disabilities, treatments and their effects on the rehabilitation process; available community resources and of their organizations, purpose, and use in the delivery of client rehabilitation services.

Skill in:   interviewing others to collect essential information; communicating to convey information; monitoring  and  assessing  performance  and  implementing  actions;  reviewing  information  to  develop options and implement solutions.

Ability to:  manage human resources; plan, assign, direct and evaluate the work of assigned staff; collect, analyze, and evaluate a wide variety of medical, psychological, social, and vocational diagnostic data and apply such to the development, implementation, and modification of a rehabilitation plan; establish and maintain cooperative working relationships; perform program analysis to implement decisions.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: (Applicants will be screened for possession of these qualifications. Applicants who need accommodation in the selection process should request this in advance.)

Bachelor’s degree in social science, behavioral science, social work, counseling/guidance, vocational rehabilitation,  psychology, sociology, human development, education or related field and four years experience in vocational  rehabilitation counseling; OR Master’s degree in any of the above mentioned fields or related area and two years  experience.                   Experience supervising, leading or directing others. Experience   providing  vocational  rehabilitation  counseling  or  related  area  may  substitute  for  the educational requirements on a year-for-year basis.


Positions in this class may require an employee to possess a valid driver’s license, or the ability to provide independent authorized transportation, in order to perform work-related travel.

State agencies are responsible to evaluate each of their positions to determine their individual overtime eligibility status as required by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).