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SALARY: $19.929/HR




DESCRIPTION: This position is under the supervision of the Deputy Director for Services of the agency. Under limited supervision, provide leadership and supervision of the business affairs of the Nebraska Business Enterprises (NBE); Assist in the coordination of the business functions of the agency; performs related work as assigned.



DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: This is the second level in a series of three (Business Manager I, II and III). The Business Manager series is focused on the leadership and business functions/activities of the Nebraska Business Enterprises and agency, such as, fiscal management (which includes increasing the number of NBE contracts, budgeting, accounting, purchasing and contract administration), material/physical management (which includes fixed assets and inventory, and frequently, space management, control processes where diverse forms of material/assets could exist, e.g., expendable v. durable, office v. storage), informational management (which includes basic administrative and program-specific record keeping operations and access control procedures, non-technical oversight of the deployment and maintenance of automated systems and data/voice communication networks including websites or databases), and personnel management (primarily related to basic payroll and benefits transactions and procedures to ensure fiscal control). These functions/activities normally would encompass the resources,operations and needs of an organization, whether an entire agency, a free-standing facility or an entity equivalent in scope. The number and size of business functions covered will impact which level the position is assigned to.

The II level generally has responsibility for at least three of the four functions, with personnel management being the least likely responsibility and fiscal management having a significant role. This class is usually found in medium-sized agencies or at a large 24-hour facility. Most positions at this level will have supervisory responsibility over support staff in each assigned work unit; some may supervise one or two professional level staff. Positions located at large 24-hour facilities which are part of an even larger agency, will typically have facility budgets closely monitored by a central financial services office and significant budget and procurement decisions will be made by the facility CEO. It is distinguished from the other levels by the number, scope and size of business functions responsible for.

The Business Manager series is distinguished from the Office Services Manager series by scope and focus in the fiscal management area. The Business Manager scope, depending on the level and location, can be either facility or agency-wide and cover one, three or all business functions/activities of the facility/agency. The Office Services Manager series scope is agency-wide and focus is limited to office services (such as mail, shipping, receiving, non-technical communications, etc.).



EXAMPLES OF WORK: (A position may not be assigned all the duties listed, nor do these examples include all the duties that may be assigned.) 

  • Become knowledgeable on the Randolph-Sheppard Act and state law regarding the Nebraska Business Enterprises; and be able to provide training in this area.
  • Develop new NBE Site opportunities including developing new contracts/sites to include assist with development of contract proposals and current site management.
  • Assist other NBE staff and vendors from an accounting/audit/management standpoint.
  • Assist with federal program reporting for NBE.
  • Understand and respond to inquiries to Agency Accounts Payable status.
  • Provide Backup for Business processing.
  • Manage Contractual Services at NCBVI including EnterpriseOne Procurement, State Purchasing, Internal Control, Development of Contract forms. Develop procurement in Client Service arena.
  • Assist with the Management of the Client Data System to include VR 911, Federal Reporting, Finance, and EnterpriseOne.
  • Monitor Internal Controls and Audit processes for agency operations and client services.
  • Establish and maintain proper systems of accounting and cost records (payables and receivables).
  • Reconcile accounts/statements; prepare IBTs, monthly/quarterly reports, journal voucher entries; review/analyze general ledger; financial analysis; initiate corrective actions; collection of past due; review and check accuracy of records and compliance of transactions with established policies/procedures.
  • Prepare or assist in preparation of the organization's budget; monitor status; approve expenditures; prepare monthly, quarterly and annual reports; compile data for legislature and other state and federal entities.
  • Purchase supplies, equipment and services; actively seek for more local, state, and private contracts for our blind licensees under the state and federal priority; prepare bid specs/RFPs; obtain quotes, evaluate/score bids, monitor contracts for compliance, resolves discrepancies/administrative problems with managers, other state agencies, contract bidders and vendors; initiate and answer correspondence pertinent to purchases, vendors and sales contacts.
  • Supervise assigned staff (includes hiring, firing, evaluating performance, disciplining, training, etc.).
  • Supervise and plan the activities of assigned work units in the organization, i.e., building repair, canteen operation, housekeeping activities.
  • Maintain fixed assets inventory; determine when items need to be replaced; determine/process surplus equipment, material and/or property.



KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES REQUIRED: (These are needed to perform the work assigned.) 

  • The ability to negotiate contracts.
  • Ability to deal with Finance/Federal Grants.
  • Ability to learn and use the State/Structured procurement.
  • Ability to use the State and Federal Data extraction and interpretation.
  • Ability to learn and use the Federal Grant Guidance business practices/methods/systems; general accounting systems; state accounting policies/procedures; state purchasing processes/policies/procedures; inventory methods; personnel practices/policies/procedures; agency rules/regulations/policies/procedures.

Ability: To communicate effectively; establish positive working relationships with all contacts; supervise/direct others; identify and resolve problems; read, understand, interpret and apply rules/regulations, policies/procedures, etc.; prepare various budget/financial/administrative reports using computer software applications (such as Word, Excel, Power Point, Enterprise 1, etc.).



MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: (Applicants will be screened for possession of these qualifications. Applicants who need accommodation in the selection process should request this in advance.)

Bachelor's degree in business administration, accounting, finance or related field and three years business related experience of which one year has been in a responsible supervisory capacity.

Related work experience may substitute for the Bachelor’s degree requirement on a year-for-year basis.




State agencies are responsible to evaluate each of their positions to determine their individual overtime eligibility status as required by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).






EST: 02/00 - REV: 02/11


CLASS CODE: I72670LOCATION: North Platte



DESCRIPTION: Under immediate to general supervision, provides vocational coaching, assistance and/or training to persons with visual impairments and/or other disabilities at their home or worksite; attends employer orientations/training with clients and teaches clients to use adaptive equipment to perform the assigned work; provides various office clerical support; performs related work as assigned.



DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: (A position is assigned to this class based on the scope and level of work performed as outlined below.)

Positions allocated to this class are responsible to perform a variety of supportive functions in the rehabilitation of persons with visual impairment and/or other disability. This is distinguished from the Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor I and II classes which are responsible to perform vocational counseling to develop and monitor clients’ rehabilitation plans. Positions allocated to the Vocational Rehabilitation Supervisor class, on a regular and recurring basis, supervise a minimum of three rehabilitation and/or counseling staff.

Positions allocated to the Visually Impaired Orientation Counselor series perform counseling and provide teaching to assist clients in adjusting to blindness.



EXAMPLES OF WORK: (A position may not be assigned all the duties listed, nor do these examples include all the duties that may be assigned.) 

  • Provides information regarding the purpose, nature and scope of available services to persons with disabilities, service providers, vendors and/or the general public.
  • Trains clients how to use speech and magnification programs, and other assistive technology.
  • Coaches clients at their job sites to ensure successful employment.
  • Assists clients with job searches, completing applications, and developing resumes.
  • Assists clients with transportation needs, both arranging transportation to and/or driving clients to meetings, appointments or programs.
  • Maintains various records and files accurately.
  • Answers incoming phone lines, determines nature of call and refers to appropriate resource when necessary; takes messages.
  • Arranges for meeting rooms, speakers, lodging and travel.
  • Prepares correspondence and transcribes materials from dictation, rough draft or electronic format.
  • Schedules vehicles for maintenance checks; reserves vehicles for various programs and daily usage for staff.
  • Reads materials for visually impaired staff and/or clients.
  • Maintains inventory of office supplies and client supplies.
  • Receives incoming mail and disseminates to staff.
  • Participates in agency activities and special programs.
  • Orders equipment for clients to be used in their home or at the work site.



KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES REQUIRED: (These are needed to perform the work assigned.)

Knowledge of: adaptive equipment available for clients served; office practices; computer software programs; basic math; office equipment; record keeping practices; basic sign language.

Skill in: interviewing clients to collect essential information; applying proper grammar and punctuation to written documents; providing instruction and/or training to others, specifically individuals with visual impairments or other disability. 
Ability to: learn and relay information regarding client services available through the agency; maintain accurate records; communicate effectively; operate office equipment; understand and apply work instructions, administrative policies and program guidelines; prioritize work to carry out assigned activities.



MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: (Applicants will be screened for possession of these qualifications. Applicants who need accommodation in the selection process should request this in advance.)

Experience providing coaching or training to individuals with visual impairment or other disability in a community organization or other area of social services delivery; OR post high school coursework/training in: social work, counseling/guidance, psychology, sociology, human development, education or related area.




State agencies are responsible to evaluate each of their positions to determine their individual overtime eligibility status as required by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).


Interested candidates will be required to fill out an online application with the State of Nebraska.

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Be sure to read the important instructions on the page you arrive at after clicking the link.

If a candidate fails to follow the instructions and fill out the application completely, the application will not be forwarded for consideration and the candidate will not have another opportunity to apply. 

Should anyone have any questions, or need assistance with the application process, you can call Nebraska State Personnel at (402)-471-2075