Living the Dream of Independence

Living the dream of true independence begins with you! In order to achieve true independence, you must be willing and prepared to take control of your life.  To accomplish this, you will need to have proper training to learn the alternative skills you need, and you must have a positive attitude regarding your blindness.  The Nebraska Center for the Blind can provide you with the proper training and opportunities you will need to succeed and to become a productive and independent member of society. 


Blindness comes with challenges.  Some of these challenges are the myths and misconceptions regarding blindness. In order to respond to them appropriately, you need to develop a positive philosophy of blindness and the understanding and confidence to stand up for yourself.  The Nebraska Center for the Blind can provide you with the knowledge and experiences necessary to meet these challenges confidently and appropriately.


You must have appropriate personal and professional qualities, which are equal to, or exceed, those of your normally sighted counterparts.  These qualities include self-discipline, reliability, a willingness to give back, and a healthy work ethic.  The Nebraska Center for the Blind provides mentoring opportunities, exposure to consumer organizations, volunteer experiences in the community, and activities to educate the public about blindness.  The Nebraska Center for the Blind will help you develop of the skills and qualities that will lead to personal success and true independence.  


This comprehensive program is located in Lincoln, Nebraska.  It offers blindness immersion training and instruction using the structured discovery method in the following areas:  Orientation and Mobility, Home Management, Communications, Braille, Wood Shop, and Apartment Living. Training typically lasts six to nine months.  During this time, students learn to apply alternative techniques to solve problems and overcome obstacles facing them on a daily basis.


If you want to live the dream of true independence and to be a part of one of the most effective training programs in the nation, the Nebraska Center for the Blind is the right choice for you!