Sci-Voice Talking LabQuest Goes Statewide in Nebraska

Independence Science is happy to announce the Nebraska Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired, (NCBVI) has become the first state agency to obtain a statewide site license for the Sci-Voice Talking LabQuest products. The powerful science access tool is made available for both K-12 and higher education institutions, through a new partnership initiative entitled “TAP” Talking LabQuest Access Program with the Nebraska Center for the Education of Children who are blind or Visually Impaired, (NCECBVI). If you are a blind or vision impaired student or parent of a blind child that has a student in the state of Nebraska, you should reach out to learn how your education team can take advantage of the newly launched TAP program. If you are a teacher of a student with a visual disability you can obtain a Talking LabQuest unit from the NIRC lending program at NCECBVI. For more information, please contact Shane Buresh, Transition Coordinator NCBVI; or Tanya Armstrong, Director of Programs NCECBVI;

Independence Science is interested in working with other states to make a similar opportunity available. If you are a state agency representative or a science teacher that would like to learn more about how you can bring a statewide license to your state, please contact us at